Types of Hornet

Hornets are the largest types of the commonly called yellow jackets or wasps. Most of these insects can be found in the continent of Asia and Europe and some were brought by eastern civilization to the northern part of America. The natural habitat conducive to hornets is the countries with warm climate and/or even tropical. That is the reason why hornets from non-tropical countries are smaller than those from the tropical countries because their growth is affected by habitat. The knowledge of Hornet control is related to the kind of Hornets.There are only three kinds of hornets which are named based on their physical appearances and the continents where they are abundantly found, namely;

  1. Bald-faced Hornets 
  2. European Hornets:
  3. Asian Giant Hornets

In every hive or every colony of these insects, there are also three types of hornets;

  •  Queen
  • Workers
  • Drones.

The Queen
The identification of queen in important for Hornet control.These are the most fertile female hornets which usually measures as the largest hornets in a colony. The queen never does anything but lay eggs to produce more hornets.
The Workers 
These are the hornets which look for foods for their queen and their young ones. Some of them are infertile female hornets and some are males. Their main responsibility is to keep the queen alive by providing food and being the guard of their hive.
The Drones 
all of the drones are males which are born from any unfertilized eggs. And since the eggs which they came from are unfertilized, they are born without stings. They too find foods for the young ones as well as the queen but they are in-charge of the construction of their hive.
The Different Kinds of Hornets 
 Bald-faced Hornets 

These kinds of hornets are commonly found in North America. Obviously, it has a bald-looking face because it is whitish in color. These kinds of hornets are not really a hornet in nature. They can be classified as wasps or yellow jackets. The term hornet has been used colloquially. And as they are abundant in America, their nests are exposed which can be seen anywhere. Therefore, instead of calling them by their own nature, they are called hornets with bald faces.
European Hornets: 
European hornets are commonly called as “hornets” which is also the largest among the European wasps. Their queen measures, at least 26 mm but not more than 36 mm in length. The workers as well as the males are usually smaller than their queen. Their wings are red-orange and yellow-striped abdomen with deeply indented eyes. They are normally larger than wasps but a bit smaller than the Asian hornets.
Asian Giant Hornets: 
Now, this is the species of the largest hornets in the whole world. They are also called the Japanese hornets as they are abundant in Japan but they are often referred to as the “yak-killer” hornets. Being the Giant hornets, their queens will measure 52 mm to 56 mm in length with wings to reach 80 mm. The male and the workers will reach up to 50 mm, which is 2 inches in length.


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