Among all the species of Cockroaches ,German Cockroaches are the largest species . German Cockroaches are found all over the world.For the life of German Cockroaches water is the most essential element of their life. As in the residence water is mostly found in Kitchen ,washrooms and Laundry. German cockroaches are mostly found in these areas. For the control of this species of Cockroach bait or insecticide treatment is done in these areas. If the sanitation is poor the cockroach will move to other areas of the house . Places where this species of Cockroach is found may include

  1. Homes
  2. Apartments
  3. Supermarket
  4.  Food processing plants
  5. Restaurants
  6. Ships(Cruise ships,Naval vessels)

These Cockroaches move in to homes and business some time by

  1. They can enter in to home from out side if there are opening leading in to home form out side . in some cases they can enter if your neighbour had the problem and they used insecticide as flushing agent to get rid of them
  2. Used furniture is another common point of entry for roaches. If you bring home used furniture it is important to inspect it thoroughly , a good vacuuming is also suggested if it is a cloth couch or chair for instance, to pick up any possible egg capsules that may be in the crevices.
  3. Paper bags brought into the home are a major form of entry into the home.  Sometimes you will not see an actual roach in a bag but there are instances when an egg capsule may have been laid within the bag and will hatch later.
  4. Some time the grocery shops have the Cockroach problem and when you bring the grocery in home make sure you check it before placing it in to shelves.Try and shop at stores that have higher sanitation levels.
  5. If someone has been in an environment where there were roaches there is always a chance that roaches or capsules may be within a pants cuff for instance.
  6. Newspapers, magazines and books can also be a breeding ground for roaches. They can live off the glues used in book bindings .
  7. Apartment or condo living can sometimes create a real challenge in keeping roaches out of your unit if someone else in the building has roaches.
  8. Used clothing of course is a familiar way that roaches will enter a home, especially if those clothes are sitting in an old cardboard box. This is a perfect breeding ground.

The male German Cockroach is light brown as compared to female which is slightly darker in color. There are two dark longitudianl stripes on the body.Bothe male and female have wings but cannot fly.The average life of German Cockroaches is less than 200 days.
the egg sack of German Cockroaches contains 30-40 eggs. The female carry the egg sacks with her until they are ready to hatch . The female tries to lay the eggs in the darker places away form the other cockroaches so that young nymph could be saved from other cockroaches .This behaviour of eating each other is know as cannibalism. Due to this nature, when the Cockroach bait is applied and is being consumed by them .when they die in their hiding area or harborage areas, the live one eat the dead ones and the bait is transferred to the alive one and the whole colony gets the effect of bait
The feces of German Cockroaches contains pheromones. These pheromones play any important role for he aggregation behaviour of them. The fecel marks look like black pepper.Due to the aggregative behaviour the bait if placed in to the crack and crevices will have a good control.

  1. If cockroaches are migrating into a building or from another part of a building, install weather stripping and caulking where plumbing passes from infested areas into uninfested areas.
  2. Eliminate hiding places. For example, caulk cracks and crevices in dark, moist areas to discourage cockroaches.
  3. Inspect items brought into a building, especially food containers, furniture, appliances and clothing.
  4. Cockroaches need food, water and shelter. Make any plumbing repairs and modifications needed to eliminate as much standing water as possible.
  5. Do not allow food particles to accumulate Common feeding areas include unwashed dishes, pet dishes, uncovered pet food containers, litter boxes, waste containers, and areas under refrigerators, stoves, sinks and furniture.


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