Difference Between Carpenter Ant and Termite
To the average homeowner, it can be a challenge to determine whether those small, dark, swarming insects inside the home are Carpenter Ants or Termites. Here are a few key indicators that can help you tell the difference between carpenter ant and termite.
       1  Has four wings that are of equal size and shape. Its wings are also longer than its body.
       2. Carpenter Ants often have a black dot on   the tip of the front wings, and their dark wing veins will be highly visible
       3. Termite wings are paddled-shaped
       4.Termite wings break off very easily, with barely a touch. Carpenter. Sometimes you can see broken wings in areas where swarming Termites have been active
1.has four wings, with the back, hind wings shorter than its front, fore wings.
2.You will not be able to see the veins in a Termite wing with the naked eye.
3.Carpenter Ant wings are pointed.
 4.Carpenter Ant wings do not break easily.
Termites have an almost straight antennae.
The ants antennae are elbowed.
Difference in Body Shape
 Termites have a broad waist, with only 2 segments.
Carpenter Ants have a thin, narrow waist and have 3 distinct segments.
Termites go through a gradual metamorphosis.Termites go through the egg, nymph and adult stages.
Ants will go from a egg, to a larvae, then pupa and finally to the adult stage in what is called complete metamorphosis. The adult ant worker is an adult and looks like an adult ant.
Termite galleries
Wood galleries caused by Termites are accompanied by piles of small, hard, seed-like fecal pellets that do not resemble frass or contain wood shavings and insect parts.
 Carpenter Ant galleries
Galleries hollowed out by Carpenter Ants are smooth and clean, and are accompanied by piles of fine sawdust and insect parts, called “frass”.
 Termite workers are transparent, light or creamy white in color and avoid light. So they are not often seen unless their nest is disturbed.
Ant workers are reddish or dark colored and are frequently seen in the open foraging for food.
A mud tube indicates the definite presence or previous presence of termites. These are tubes built on the outside of walls or between the soil and wood through which the termites travel
No mud tubes.

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